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о любви - здесь можно петь и смеяться
June 26th, 2010
02:00 am


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о любви
"Peter, you'll break that chair. You are a lunatic!"
"My dearest, I've got to be. When I try to be serious, I make such a bloody fool of myself. It's idiotic,". His voice waivered with uncertain undertones. "Think of it - laugh at it- a well-fed, well-groomed, well-off Englishman of forty-five in a boiled shirt and an eye-glass going down on his knee to his wife - to his own wife which makes it so much funnier - and saying to her - and saying -"
"Tell me, Peter."
"I can't. I daren't... How can I find words when poets have taken them all, and left me without nothing to say or do-"
"Except to teach me for the first time what they meant."
He found it hard to beleive.
"Have I done that?"
"Oh, Peter,"- somehow she must make him believe it, because it mattered so much that he should. "All my life I have been wondering in the dark - but now I have found your heart- and am satisfied."
"And what do all great words come to in the end but that?- I love you- I am at rest with you.- I have сome home."

Dorothy L.Sayers. Busman's Honeymoon
(обожаю вообще ее романы про Питера Вимси, особенно предыдущий, Gaudy Night :)

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